The UK Government’s Work and Health Unit (WHU) commissioned the Council to develop a resource to support GPs in identifying work modifications as part of its “Improving Lives” strategic programme.

The Government is keen to promote that, when individuals consult with GPs, they will receive work-related advice and supportive engagement about workplace adjustments. This is based on the understanding that good work is good for health.

The Council appointed a dedicated researcher to review published literature, collate existing available resources and to develop content. Council members and other contacts were actively consulted during this development process.  The resource is available here.

This resource is primarily aimed at GPs to help support their medical consultations and consideration of “Fit note” options.  It makes it clear that most work adjustments are simple, practical arrangements.

Please share the link with your colleagues and encourage them to use the resource with patients.

This resource does not sit in isolation and many other converging programmes are also in development to support other health care practitioners, employees and employers to enable positive conversations on work options. It is illustrated with some simple case studies and there may be opportunity to add to these later.

The resource can be read from start to finish if preferred, but we anticipate users will jump to relevant sections, links or case studies and that in time we can provide more relevant linked content applicable to wider stakeholders.