We are writing in support of the letter written by the ex MHFA Board Members: Amy McKeown, James Brown and Robert Manson regarding the second reading of the private members bill to make mental health first aid a legal requirement.


Whilst we believe MHFA plays a part in a whole organisation approach to mental health at work, we consider it just one element of a package of interventions that should be implemented, that considers both  preventative and reactive measures to mental health in the workplace.


Our significant cross sector expertise and multi-disciplinary approach means we are well versed in the most effective approaches to create and embed a positive culture of mental health at work and would welcome further discussions on these before any decisions are made on recommendations for this single intervention.


Rachel Suff, CIPD

Kris Ambler, BACP,

Abigail Hirshman, Charlie Waller Trust, co-chair mental health group, CfWH

Nicola Neath, co-chair, mental health group, CfWH

Steve Boorman, Empactis, Chair CfWH

Nick Pahl, SOM

Karl Bennett, EAPA