Research Café: A brief guide to producing an academic poster – on 17/08/23
Join us and ACPOHE committee member Leonard Joseph for our next Research Café: A brief guide to producing an academic poster.
If you’re attending our Study Day in November this Research Café may be of special interest to you as we’re inviting any Study Day participant to showcase a poster for the day. So join us for our top tips to help you understand how to create the best posters.
Aim: To share some insights into producing an academic poster for sharing your good practice and research
What the session will include:
The session will explore various aspects of producing a good academic poster.  The contents to be discussed include
  • Making a great academic poster
  • Deciding on the various sections of the academic poster
  • Academic poster layout and structure
  • Academic posters – some good and bad examples
  • Few extra tips on “Preparing Versus Presenting” an academic poster for a conference 

Format of the session: Brief presentation + Discussion + Activities + Question/Answer