Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA)

"To lead the professional delivery of effective vocational rehabilitation services in the UK.”

  • To establish Vocational Rehabilitation as a recognised ‘profession’ within the UK.To promote the professional knowledge, attitudes and skills and recognition of people practising in the field of vocational rehabilitation.
  • To provide a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and experience across the UK.
  • To contribute towards the development of quality standards and training in Vocational Rehabilitation practice.
  • To promote equal opportunities within the field of vocational rehabilitation.
  • To increase awareness and recognition of vocational rehabilitation.

Area of occupational health

  • Vocational Rehabilitation.

Advice Line/Toolkits available

  • Published standards freely available.
  • ‘Vocational Rehabilitation Standards of Practice’.

Membership criteria

VRA is a membership organisation with sections for the VRA is a multi-professional association for those who are committed to supporting individuals across the health/employment interface.

a) Individual membership: individuals working in field of rehabilitation


b) Corporate: Employers and service providers.

Professional members consist of 80% who have professional qualifications in nursing, psychology or the therapy professions whilst 20% are non-graduates who have extensive experience within the employment field. We also have associate members who are working in the field under supervision - they can progress to professional membership after 4 years.

Conferences and study days

The VRA runs events and offers student bursaries.


  • Vocational Rehabilitation Standards of Practice.

Freely downloadable from our website. Provides guidance and information for VR practitioners on how to deliver services in line with UKRC and BSI VR standards.

Quality Standards, Regulation and Accreditation

VRA contribute, through our published standards, to the UK Rehabilitation Council’s standards:

  1. Hallmarks of a Good Provider
  2. Choosing a Rehabilitation Provider
  3. Selecting Rehabilitation Services
  4. BSI Standard ‘delivering Rehabilitation Services’.

Promotion of research and service evaluation

Promoting research awareness

This is currently being reviewed.

Published evidence-based material

Current project underway to review medical and vocational rehabilitation services in return to work for people absent from work due to sickness.

For more information please go to the VRA website

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