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The SOM is concerned with the protection of the health of people at work and the prevention of occupational injuries and disease and extends its interest to related environmental issues.

Area of occupational health

Occupational Medicine

Advice Lines

The SOM provides lists of regionally available occupational health doctors to employers on request, free of charge. It is a member of the Healthy Working UK team providing general practitioners with support and advice on occupational health matters.

Membership criteria

The SOM is the only such organisation open to all doctors working either full or part-time in occupational medicine in all sectors of industry, the Armed Forces, NHS or academic institutions, or with an interest in the health of people at work through their own specialty.

Conferences and study days

The SOM holds 3 national meetings a year, a 3-day Annual Scientific Meeting and one-day conferences in spring and autumn. Additionally, the SOM is divided into 10 regional groups which each provide local CPD meetings for members and other OH professionals.


Occupational Medicine, a professional peer-reviewed international journal, is published 8 times a year by Oxford University Press.

Quality Standards

The SOM operates a Quality Assured Appraisal Scheme for its members not employed in managed environments.

Contact the COT

For more information please email Hilary Todd or visit the SOM website.

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