Defence Medical Services

The uniformed medical and dental personnel from all three services are known collectively as the Defence Medical Services. They are grouped under the Headquarters Surgeon General, Joint Medical Command and the three single Service medical organisations.

The primary role of the Defence Medical Services in to ensure that service personnel are ready and medically fit to go where they are required in the UK and throughout the world. It encompasses 7,000 regular uniformed personnel including medical dental nursing, allied health professionals and support staff to serve a population of 196,000 servicemen and women.

Personnel from all three services, regulars and reservists work alongside civil servants and other supporting units providing healthcare to service personnel serving in the UK, abroad, those at sea and in some circumstances family dependents and entitled civilians.

The range of services provided by MOD includes primary health care, dental care, hospital care, rehabilitation, community mental healthcare, specialist medical care and occupational health.

Area of occupational health

All including specialist military areas: diving, radiation, submarine and aviation medicine.

Promoting research awareness

MOD has its own advisory committees prioritising its research requirements, which are conducted both internally and externally. It has its own research ethical committee structure

Published evidence-based material

Both in house (as stand alone reports or in Defence Journals) and externally in peer reviewed literature.


Surg Capt D C BROWN, Chair Tri Service Speciality Board in Occupational Medicine, email INM-MOIC@MOD.UK or go to the website


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