Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association (COHPA)


Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association (COHPA)

COHPA is a not-for-profit trade body promoting the benefits of Occupational Health and representing Occupational Health providers. We work to enhance industry best practice by raising the standard of commercial OH provision and setting business standards regulations for our members.  COHPA actively advances health in the workplace by offering employers a free support service, improving access to service provision in the UK. To date we have helped hundreds of organisations, covering over ½ million employees, to find the providers and solutions that meet their needs.  Since forming in 2004, COHPA has become a prominent figure in the OH industry, providing a voice for its members and driving key advances.

Area of occupational health

Non-profit Trade Association for commercial OH providers.   Free support service for employers looking to access OH.

Advice Line/Toolkits available

Telephone: 0333 772 0401

Membership criteria

Membership is available to commercial OH providers of any size, providing a broad range of OH Services.

Detailed membership criteria:

See the COHPA website for more detail.

Conferences and study days

Seminars and conferences are provided for members only or by invitation.


COHPA has an information portal for its members – available in the members’ area of our website. This is updated regularly and covers issues ranging from business advice, to industry awareness, to guidance on managing issues affecting our industry.

Quality Standards

See COHPA business standards regulations on the COHPA website.


COHPA members are encouraged to participate in industry schemes, such as SEQOHS and CBH.

Promotion of research and service evaluation

COHPA publishes evidence-based material for our members, organises knowledge sharing forums and events, and promotes research awareness.

For more information please email Deb King, COHPA Association Manager: or visit the COHPA website.

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