British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM)

The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine is the UK professional organisation for practitioners in Rehabilitation Medicine.  It has a rapidly growing membership of over 380 and an established regional structure throughout the country.

Within an ethical framework, the purposes of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine are: 

  • to promote the development of the understanding and management of acute and chronic disabling diseases and injuries, and their consequences for the individual patient, their carers, their  medical and other attendants, and society at large.
  • to promote the speciality of Rehabilitation Medicine, being defined as the application of medical skill to the diagnosis and management of disabling disease and injury of whatever cause and affecting any system of the body.
  • to advance the education of health and other professionals and the general public in the area of disability.
  • to develop and promote standards for clinical care and professional working in the speciality and mechanisms for audit, appraisal and review to ensure that those standards are maintained.
  • to promote and facilitate research in the field of rehabilitation to support the evidence base which underpins good clinical practice in the speciality. 

Area of occupational health

Vocational Rehabilitation/Rehabilitation Medicine

Advice Line/Toolkits available

Members benefit from advice via the BSRM’s SIGs, regional groups, trainees group. 

Membership criteria

Membership of the BSRM is open to all registered medical practitioners.  BSRM members may join one or all of the Society’s Special Interest Groups.

Conferences and study days

The BSRM holds two national conferences per year and has an established portfolio of courses, eg for prosthetic and amputee rehabilitation, electronic assistive technology, specialist rehabilitation. 


The BSRM develops and publishes clinical guidelines and also standards documents.  Members receive Clinical Rehabilitation monthly (a Sage publication) as part of their membership package.
Recent relevant publications include:

  • Medical rehabilitation in 2011 and beyond
  • Vocational assessment and rehabilitation for people with long-term neurological conditions: recommendations for best practice
  • Vocational assessment and rehabilitation after acquired brain injury

See the BSRM website for a full list of publications

Quality Standards/Regulation

Standards and guidelines are listed on the website

Research and service evaluation?

The BSRM welcomes research presentations at its annual conferences, offers annual academic prizes and an annual postgraduate bursary.  The Society has a specialist group for academics in the field – the Forum for Academics in Rehabilitation Medicine FARM.   The Society has close links with the Society for Research in Rehabilitation.


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