Council for Work & Health

Health and wellbeing (occupational health) services are delivered collaboratively by a wide range of professional groups. Each one contributes its own particular blend of skills and competencies, some of which are unique, and some of which are shared with other professions.

The Council for Work & Health brings together the professional bodies which represent these groups to provide an authoritative and representative ‘single voice’ on health and wellbeing issues. It also provides an opportunity for co-ordinated and integrated working on all issues which impact on health and wellbeing services and facilitates information sharing to promote improvement.

Our guiding mission

In all of its activities, the guiding mission of the Council will be to ensure that people have the best opportunities to benefit from the positive health impacts of employment, and that workers are not injured or made ill by the work that they undertake.

To this end, it will aim to:

  • Provide necessary support to maximise opportunities for individuals to access, retain or regain employment;
  • Prevent health conditions caused or made worse by work and the working environment; and
  • Promote the improvement of health and wellbeing of the working age population.

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Latest News

Executive Summary: Planning the future: Implications for occupational health; delivery and training

This is the Executive Summary of the second report of the workforce-planning project aimed at developing a vision for occupational health practice and detailing the future workforce needed to deliver that vision.

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Final Report: Planning the future: Implications for occupational health; delivery and training

This report has been compiled by a sub-group of the Council for Work and Health member representatives and chaired by Professor John Harrison. It follows on from the work of the first report 'Planning the future: Delivering a vision of good work and health in the UK for the next 5-20 years and the professional resources to deliver it".

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